Awkward Hide and Seek with the Verizon FIOS Guy


Tonight, the NBA Finals commence and the epic struggle for league supremacy between King James and the Miami Heat and Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder comes to a head. I’ve been anxiously waiting for and watching almost every game of these NBA playoffs, and I have to say, my expectations have been met. A few injuries derailed some teams (Rose, Howard, Avery Bradley?), but I honestly feel that these two teams are the best from their respective conferences.

Unfortunately, I do not have cable for the majority of this week due to my FIOS installation being delayed until this Saturday after moving in this previous Saturday. Most likely, I will be cheering (probably for the Heat) at a local bar where hopefully I’m not ostracized for my choice.

But my predicament brings to mind the odd conundrum of what do you do when your “Service Guy” is in your place for a couple hours? I’m not a nosy, looking over the shoulder type, so I don’t want to be near him and asking asinine questions which just delay the whole process. Then again, I don’t want to go about my day to day routine like no one is there either. There has to be a way to keep an eye on him without being overly creepy.

It’s almost like an awkward game of hide and seek. Except in my case, I live in a 450 square foot apartment with two rooms, so the hiding is insanely more difficult. My awkward hiding spots (rated out of 10) are as follows:

  • The bathroom: Complete with see-through glass shower. That way I can stand naked and see him. 3/10
  • My bedroom: Under the bed access as well as a computer desk with a small mirror which looks into the main room where the cable is being installed. 8/10
  • Kitchen: What better way to keep an eye on him than to make up some breakfast (or lunch depending on when the guy shows up. Stupid 8 AM-5PM installation window!). That bastard won’t try anything funny with me wielding a hot frying pan. 10/10
  • The couch: I’ll just pretend like I’m watching TV while he installs it. Genius! 11/10

Move over Osama, I’m making my case for 2012 Champion.


One thought on “Awkward Hide and Seek with the Verizon FIOS Guy

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