WWE Money in the Bank 2012 Results and Analysis

We’ve had some really bad shows these past couple weeks, hopefully because they will be pulling out all the stops for the 1000th episode. But Money in the Bank is usually one of the better PPVs of the year and doesn’t need as much story to build up the two ladder matches. While I don’t think it was better than last year’s (which was the best PPV since 2003), it was still a strong show where all the advertised matches delivered. Continue reading


WWE No Way Out Results and Analysis

Hopefully D-Bry stays tied up in the main event scene.

WWE No Way Out was a pretty poorly built show, but still managed to put on an average performance last night. There were some ups and downs, and you could even argue that the show would have been great had it ended after the WWE Championship match. Let’s take a look at each match and where the participants may be heading in the near future. Continue reading